O CHRISTMAS TREE !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Greetings Of Joy and Happiness To All Of You !!

It sure is so good to be here writing out my latest Blog to all of you. I really look forward to doing this every week. We are on Blog #35 now which I think is amazing and I am glad it is the Christmas Season and I can write about The Holidays to you. It is so much fun. So please enjoy your latest read and be happy.


When I was a girl-child growing up in the Mainland part of the USA, my parents always made sure there was a Christmas Tree in our house during the wonderful Season of Christmas. I am not sure when they got it, but it was there long before Christmas Eve so that Santa could bring the presents and put them under it. Most people including my parents, got a real tree; beautiful and green and BIG and it was just wonderful because the smell of PINE filled the house. And I don’t mean just the front parlor where the huge tree was, but the whole house. And I couldn’t get enough of that wonderful smell. And this was a LIVE tree now so my parents had to keep it watered.
I really loved the smell of that Christmas PINE. It was really and truly something.

One year however, when I was a young teenager and my parents finally bought and owned our own house, they brought home a FLOCKED Christmas Tree. It of course was a big beautiful Douglas Fir but it was FLOCKED which means it was spray painted white — very thickly — so the entire tree looked as though it were covered in snow. It was gorgeous of course but you could not smell the PINE.


The Tree I am talking about, the one I just mentioned, the Douglas Fir which is a giant North American evergreen tree is valued for its wood. And they do make the most beautiful Christmas Trees.

Now being that I live here in Hawaii, we who live here have to have everything SHIPPED here. So that means that the Douglas Firs that are shipped to us, arrive here to be sold right after The Thanksgiving Holiday. That means people are buying their LIVE trees a month before Christmas and personally, I happen to think that is a mistake because by the time Christmas comes, the trees are dried out and there are PINE NEEDLES all of your floor and “tree skirt”. Personally, if I were buying one, I would buy it about now.

That is, IF I were buying a LIVE one. But I am not. Not that I do not want to. I think in all the years I have lived in this apartment, I have only had two live Christmas Trees here. And there were a lot of years I have had none at all. But even so, that never once stopped Santa aka St. Nick, aka St. Nicholas, from coming here and leaving presents on Christmas Eve.

What I am leading up to here is that a couple of years ago a friend of mine was moving out of this building complex and before she left, she gifted me with an ARTIFICIAL TREE complete with lights and all kinds of decorations to put on it. So I do not have to buy a LIVE one if I do not want to. A lot of the people here have artificial trees that they put up and decorate and then at the end of the Season, they take it down and put everything away until next year. With a LIVE tree, at the end of the Season, the tree is recycled and all the PINE NEEDLES are vacuumed off the floor.

As for me, your dear Mary Ann-san, I have not put my tree up yet. I have to make the space for it but I WILL have it done in time. You can believe that.

It’s all part of this wonderful Season.

Aloha Until Next Week………
From Your Mary Ann-san
Hilo, Hawaii USA

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