IT’S RAINING, IT’S POURING, O MAN, IT’S SNOWING!!!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Oh My Goodness! Time really is getting short. But I am ready except for the decorating part. I have sent all my Christmas Cards out and wrapped all my gifts and I even got more Holiday food for that family I spoke of during my Thanksgiving Blog. And yes, they do know it is waiting for them here. And it is all part of this wonderful Season. And man, I am feeling really good! How about you?


Oh My…..!

I must tell you all, it has been really cold here in Hawaii lately. I am not sure how it is going on the other islands but here on The Big Island Of Hawaii, it has REALLY been cold. Well, for us, I mean. It is has been so cold here for your Mary Ann-san, that I have 2 blankets on my bed at night. And the wind lately has been like ICE. I have no idea what happened to my beautiful Season of Autumn. It is like it disappeared and Winter came in a few weeks early and said: Here I am! And just waltzed in and took over. And according to our Calendar, Winter is not supposed to start until the twenty-first of December. And lately, it has been so cold here in Hilo that my
Cat (Paws) won’t even go outside.

Temperature-wise, the lowest it has gotten here in Hilo is 59 degrees. My friend who lives in Ocean View did me one better and told me that the lowest it has gotten there so far is 48 degrees. The last time I felt temperatures like these was when I was on The Mainland part of the United States visiting my now late stepson and his family.

Okay. So it’s not freezing weather yet. (32 degrees F.) But it is acting like it could be. And this is HAWAII. So I thought since our Holiday of Christmas is near right here and all the Christmas Carols are mentioning Snow in one way or another, I thought it would be the perfect time for ME to say a few words about MY feelings toward this subject in this weeks Blog.


Yes. I’ve been in it. I know what it’s like and the coldness of it. When I was an older girl-child visiting Oregon, and Mount Hood, I was lucky enough to play in it. But the last time I saw snow was when I was visiting a now former friend (a male) in North Carolina. But it just was not him and I. There was another woman there too as well. And about the snow this time: to begin with, it was daytime and the sun was out and it began just a little at a time. But there certainly was not enough to play in. Later on when it was getting to be dark and we were heading back the way we came so we could stop at a restaurant and have our evening meal, the snow really started coming down. It snowed all through the dinner hour and when got outside, there was enough snow for me to stand in and to write our names on the hood of my man friend’s car.

It snowed all night.

I don’t know how cold it was that night. What I do know is the day that I left North Carolina to come home to Hilo, it was all of 19 degrees. Way too cold for me.

As to what I, your Mary Ann-san would do if it actually did SNOW in Hilo-Town…….especially now………I am actually, really, not sure…….unless it was a sure thing that we were having what everyone knows as a “WHITE CHRISTMAS!”…….then maybe I could handle it…….and have some fun!

As the Carol goes: I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas!

How about you?

From Your Mary Ann-san
Hilo, Hawaii, USA

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。