CHRISTMAS WEEKEND — HO ! HO ! HO ! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


It Is here at last! Christmas! So My Dear Readers this week my Blog involves my Christmas Weekend. It has all been so exciting that I can not wait to share. Have a terrifically fun read and know that I love you all.


Oh My Darling Readers ! I must tell you ! My Big Christmas Weekend started on the 22nd of December with a big bang. My lady friend came over because we were supposed to go out grocery shopping for last minute items. And before we left she helped wrap a last minute present for my Godparents son and his wife who flew in from Massachusetts this week. The daughter is flying in from California also so there will be 8 of us at Christmas Supper because the son and his wife brought their new Baby. The baby is one year old. And I, as God-Auntie will be meeting her for the first time. (I have seen pictures of her. Her name is Madison Jean. And she is so sweet.

To Continue: First my lady friend and I went to the Post Office and then we went to the Grocery Store known as SACK AND SAVE. ( I call it S & S ). Mostly I bought food to make appetizers with: Cucumber Toasties which are not toasted at all. It is made from a special mixture which is spread on top of French Bread and then a slice of cucumber is put on top. It does not take long to make. Then there is a Cheese Ball that is covered with Pecans when its done and you serve it using a small knife to spread it on crackers. (I bought Ritz). Plus — I bought a Red Velvet Cake.

I also bought goodies for tonight’s Supper which is an Italian Dish that you can either for Breakfast or Supper. I have not made it for ages and yet my late husband used to make it for us a lot. It is made with Italian Sausage (I like the HOT one!), Bell Peppers, Potatoes, and Onions—and its delicious! On Christmas Eve I am having my favorite meal of Spaghetti and Garlic Bread and Salad. (I use real raw garlic—one head of sliced garlic cloves per side of the bread—as well as real butter—NOT margarine. For Christmas Night I am having Prime Rib at my Godparents house. I am just so excited.

Now you know. Your Mary Ann-san DOES love to cook and be a Sous Chef. And yes, I got a couple of more extra things. Egg Nog. And of course, it would not be Christmas for me without a candy cane. So I got a large king-size candy cane. It is 10 inches long and was bought not at S & S but at COST U LESS.

And the crowds at the store did not even bother me. I WAS HAVING TOO MUCH FUN!!!

I should mention here too, that my cat Baby Paws is ready for Christmas too. For Christmas he is getting from me: both wet and dry food, including a can of salmon. Cat collars. (I do not know if he will wear them though. I will see.) And whatever Santa (Saint Kitty Nicholas) will be bringing him.


What do you think My Dear Readers?

Is your Dear Mary Ann-san ready for Christmas or not?

I FEEL THAT I AM. And I think it was my last shopping trip to the store that did it. I mean, you never know when the Christmas Spirit will hit you. It just comes. And it’s wonderful.

Now I think I am ready for some serious eating and the watching of a Christmas Movie or two. Or three?


With All My Love,
Your Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。