Have you had a bad day? 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Have you had a bad day?

Are you having a bad day or have you had one recently? I have. In fact, I felt like I had a really bad week. Everything that I thought would go well did not. Everyday there seemed to be a new issue or problem and I’m sure to some, they may not have been a big deal. However “good things” began to happen and when that happens of course one would start to feel a lot happier.
As hard as it may be, I believe it is important to try and stay positive when we have a bad day or two. You can’t let everything that happens get you down or you may always be unhappy. Try to think about the positive side of things, or as some say “look at the bright side”. We use such a phrase when something bad happens but that bad thing could have been much worse; the phrase is followed by saying something to make the bad thing look “not so bad”.
-You get bad marks on a test and you are not too thrilled about it (unhappy)
-Your friend can say: “Hey, don`t worry about it, at least you still passed.” Your friend is trying to make you feel better by getting you to “look at the bright side” because you may not have gotten the score you wanted or aimed for BUT you still passed the test.

When someone is in a bad mood and is being negative towards others, we have specific names for them:
1. Negative Nancy/ Pessimistic Pat
2. Debbie Downer/Dave the Downer
3. Sour Suzie/Sally/Sam
There are also names for when someone is being the exact opposite but they aren’t used as much as the negative names:
1. Polly Positive/ Positive Pat
2. Optimistic Oliver
3. Happy Harry




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