HOSPITAL 英会話 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Hi again. I had a doctor’s appointment last week, so I went to the hospital around one o’clock in the afternoon. I usually go in the morning, but for some reason I changed the time. That was a big mistake. While the hospital is usually crowded no matter what the time, it seems to really peak around noon at the hospital I go to. They recently opened a new reception area, which I thought would make things go smoother, but that was also wrong. Let me just run through my trip. Arrive by bus, line up and wait at the automatic reception machines to scan my hospital card: ten minutes. Go up one floor and line up at the automatic reception machine at the blood-taking station: five minutes. Wait for my number to be called so I can leave the outside waiting area and proceed to the secondary waiting area: fifteen minutes. Wait in the secondary waiting area: ten minutes. Finally get blood taken. Go to the department where I have my appointment, and wait until the doctor finishes seeing the ten people who made appointments before me: one hundred minutes. By this time it is one and a half hours later than my scheduled appointment time. See the doctor: ten minutes. Go back downstairs and line up and wait to have my bill processed by the hospital staff: fifteen minutes. Receive bill and wait until my number is posted on the big TV screen so I can line up and wait to pay at the automatic paying machine: sixty minutes. Line up and wait to pay at the automatic paying machine: 10 minutes. Go to the fax machine station and wait in line to use the fax machine to fax my prescription to the pharmacist: five minutes. Go to the pharmacy and wait until they get my medications together: forty-five minutes. Listen to the pharmacist tell me that the doctor made a mistake writing my prescription and they can’t get in touch with him to correct it: one minute. Run back to the hospital and very rudely inform the nice reception girl that the doctor made a mistake writing my prescription and would he please fix it: fifteen minutes. Go back to the pharmacy and wait for them to finish getting my meds: twenty minutes. Ride the bus home: twenty minutes. Got home about seven o’clock. Next time I will stick to having my appointment in the morning.




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