Taiwan!英会話 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Hi, this is Adam.

Recently I went traveling in Taiwan for a second time. I could have traveled to a new country, but I decided to go back to Taiwan. So, what’s so great about Taiwan then?

Taiwanese food is so delicious!! Have you ever had Taiwanese soup dumplings, pineapple cake, bubble tea, or pork rice? You probably won`t be disappointed with anything that you try in Taiwan. If you are in Taipei at night, you can go to the Shilin Night Market. There are so many interesting and delicious street foods, but you might smell a foul smell. It’s probably stinky tofu, which is a fermented tofu. Lots of people run away, but the taste isn’t as off-putting as the smell.

Your travel options once you arrive in Taiwan are limitless. Taiwan has a nice railway system like Japan. And considering the small size of Taiwan, you could travel to anywhere within a day. There are beaches, mountains, valleys, and national parks like Taroko National Park (see picture)

Taiwanese hospitality is another thing that I love. Locals are very warm and friendly towards tourists, even if you can`t speak Mandarin. And if you`re an art fan like myself, The National Palace Museum is a hotbed of Chinese and Asian artwork. This is because a large amount was shipped from mainland China to Taiwan, to evade destruction by the communist party during the Chinese revolution.

I hope that I could share some of my love of Taiwan with you. Where is your favorite place

to travel? Let me know!



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