Movies! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Ever since I came to Japan I have grown really fond of movies and dramas about Yankii’s. I know some people don’t care for such movies because of the violence but for me it’s not about that. I find that they all have some great story line. The main character is always fighting for something or is given the strength from some outside force. This of course is my personal opinion/interpretation I mean really, I usually feel quite moved by some of the story lines.

Lately I have been watching a drama on Netflix called Clover and one thing that drives the main character are his friends. Everything he does is to help or protect them because they are all the family he has left. One things I like about this drama is that no one is trying to become the boss or be the strongest AND it’s a comedy. They go through a few rough spots together but have remained pretty close. So far it’s one of my favorites.

What kind of movies do you like? And what draws you into this particular genre of movies? I like comedies because I always enjoy a good laugh especially when I could use a few chuckles. What about horror movies? I really like horror/scary movies too because I am all for thrills and suspense but I am usually quite spooked after watching one. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year to see what new movies come out and hope to find another genre to explore.




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