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“PLAY DAY !!! (Blog #5) (Part #1)

To All My Awesome Japan Readers !!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Golden Week and I am glad to be sending my latest Blog to you. This Blog comes in three (3) parts. This Blog (#5) is Part #1. I hope you enjoy it!!!

The Yearly Calendar is full of Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings, Vacations, and a lot of FUN TIMES. And because your Golden Week just ended and you are now all returning to your daily work after the rush, rush, rush, of the Holiday,—- I found myself wondering yet again…….in your behalf—-when was the last time any of you had what I call a PLAY DAY?

For those of you who do not know what a PLAY DAY is—-well—-it is just that. A Play Day. It is a day of Play. It is a day where and when you take time for YOURSELF and you go out and PLAY ….or sometimes….party. It is like a mini-vacation for yourself without the rush-rush and the hurry-up! A Play Day is a time of peace and quiet and FUN for YOU ALONE.

But, you say, : I am engaged! I have a boyfriend! I have a girlfriend! I am married! I have a VERY hard and stressful job! I have no time! I have CHILDREN to look after! I am a single parent! And…..and…..and……isn’t a Play Day for CHILDREN? Isn’t that what CHILDREN do? PLAY?

My answer here is: You bet!

Children play all day long in their very own special way that is meant for them. Play Days are just that no matter how you look at them.

Play Days for adults are different. I myself, make sure I have at least one Play Day a week. At least one. And I take them whenever I can get one. Okay. Yes. I am retired. But I do NOT do the Play Day thing every day. What fun is that? Especially when they can be so simple.

I started taking and having Play Days long before I retired.

My Play Days started because I kept running into people here where I live who are always YOUNGER than I am but LOOK WAY MUCH OLDER. And when they find out how old I am they ask me how is it possible that I look as young as I do? What do I do to myself? What is my big secret?

When I am questioned like this—I answer truthfully—that I do not “DO” anything to myself. Then I say with a smile: “I play a lot .” And then I add very politely……….

“When did you last have a PLAY DAY?”






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