PRE-THANKSGIVING WEEKEND !!! (Part 3) 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Hey! It is I, your very own Mary Ann-san and I want to spend some time with you before THE BIG HOLIDAY. Thanksgiving is almost here. Only a couple of more days now. I say a couple, instead of a few because that is what it should be when our beloved Mrs. Takahashi-san puts up this Blog, #87. (Thank You, Mrs. Takahashi-san.). Anyway, so here I am, as I said. Shall we have some fun together?


OH! LOOK! Another weekend has come! But it isn’t just ANY weekend! It’s the weekend before THANKSGIVING. It is a most busy time. Not just for your Mary Ann-san, but for everyone.
No. I am not roasting a Turkey but I have enough stuff I have to do before The Big Day shows up this coming Thursday. I am going to my Godparents house for Thanksgiving and right now I am not at all sure who of us has the bigger job, my Godmother, who is preparing The Thanksgiving Meal for all of us or myself who has to clean up my place, not just because a friend of mine is coming over for a part of the day, but because I am trying to clean so I can move.

Believe it or not, I am pretty sure my Godmother has the bigger and more harder job. I mean, she has to cook, as in roast, the Turkey, cook the stuffing, the green bean casserole, make the mashed potatoes and a ton of other stuff. I would probably die if I had to go and do all that and more. And I call myself a Self-Pro-claimed Chef? I remember, I roasted a Turkey once. It took forever. And then I had to have help. But I was younger then? Newly-widowed which made me five and forty and alone. That, much to my dismay, was my first and most likely my last time I did that. But perhaps I should try it again. One day. Not this year.

But soon?

I mean, it IS hard work, preparing that THANKSGIVING MEAL but it also looks like lots of fun too, especially when you have tons of help prepping and preparing and stuff. That is one big reason why I want to go over my Godmother’s place and help. I just can not wait. Plus, you get to sample lots of stuff while you’re cooking. And I like that too. You know what Chef Gordon Ramsey says: TASTE EVERYTHING!

Oh yes!

And this is just what you are doing at HOME.

When you are our grocery shopping for the things, oh my! The crowds are SO BIG. Everyone is out, buying stuff, trying to get the best deals, the best sales, the cheapest prices. Unfortunately, this year did not seem like the year to do that, even though people everywhere tried their very best. Even the dessert: The Pumpkin Pies cost a lot. Well, not really TOO much. I guess two pies for $11.00 isn’t TOO bad.

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。