THE Count Down Begins NOW? (Part 1) 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


My Greetings Of Autumn To All Of You!

It is getting deeper into the Season as I write this for you and being where we all are, I am super exciting. Beginning to count the days to The Big Spooky Night. I hope all of you are thinking about me and what I might be doing as you know I will be doing for you. That is why my Blog #83 begins a two part mimi-series for all of you. ENJOY PLEASE, EVERYONE!!!

BLOG: #83: THE Count Down Begins NOW? (Part 1)

It is getting closer. Halloween of course I mean. As I write this and drink my coffee, a daily thing, time is already growing short. The only thing I have ready for the big night is my candy which is waiting. Part of it is in the icebox. Some of it, is in the freezer. My latest batch is still sitting in the grocery shopping bag on my kitchen floor. I got it on Friday. JUNIOR MINTS and PAY DAY. I have more that is put away and waiting. But I must admit, I have already had some. M & M PEANUT and ALMOND JOY. I could not help myself actually. The craving is ON.

I GUESS you could say also that The Craving has already begun for other things. Special dishes of the Autumn Season that the people are already hungry for. Especially the THANKSGIVING ONES. However, let us get through Halloween first and then go on to THANKSGVING. It is only right and fair after all. (Does it matter in the least that CANADA has already HAD their THANKSGIVING DAY and that Halloween in America and around all the rest of the world has not even come yet?). AND FOR NOW: I WILL NOT ANSWER THAT LAST QUESTION IF IT IS OKAY WITH ALL OF YOU FOR NOW.

Have you bought or made your costumes yet? So far, I have not done neither. But of course, the spirit to do so is already there for me. But will the time that is left to me be enough? Perhaps, MY DEAR READERS AND FRIENDS, I will let you decide for me. Just remember, I have slowed down a lot even though my heart and spirit are still as young as a girl-child on Holiday.

Movie wise, I am a little bit ahead. The other day I watched a movie called: THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM. I had seen it before and was dying to see it again so I chose Halloween Time to find it. The movie takes place in London in 1880—approximately 8 years before Jack The Ripper did his thing. (Jack The Ripper was NEVER CAPTURED by the way). The movie was really good. I had a real good time re-seeing it. I wonder at this point if I will find any other Halloween movies to watch. I hope so.

So, yes, I am enjoying already, this count down to Halloween. How about you? I only wish you could tell me what you are up to. I know already that your schools are decorated. Your Hitomi-san. She let me know by sending pictures along which I enjoyed very much and for which I thank her greatly.

Until next week, and Part 2 of this, I will leave to you all the excitement of the Big Spooky Night to come. Hopefully, I will be fully ready by then. At least I had better be. Please enjoy it all. And please take care when going out on Halloween Night.

Your Friend,
Mary Ann-san

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