UP-GRADE !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉



How are all of you this weekend? Very well and very happy I hope. That is because I would not have it any other way for you! I do not need or want ANYTHING to come to the ruin of our beautiful Season of Autumn! I only want brightness and happiness and JOY to come in and handle things. After all, it is only fair. So, enjoy the rest of your weekend and this Autumn Season and be at Peace as you read.

BLOG; # 82 : UP-GRADE !!!

It is surprising how one simple telephone call can change ones outlook and feelings. And no, I did not GET the phone
call, I MADE it.

I am not sure if any of you, my Dear Ones have noticed it or not, but this IS October and next month IS November which means it will soon be THANKSGIVING; with Turkey and all the Trimmings!—the time I really and truly look forward to every year. But not everyone is as fortunate as I AM when it comes to this Holiday of great joy and feasting. Somehow, I have always managed to have an awesome Thanksgiving even when I am not really sure whether I am going to or not. And I have my late husband Tony, to thank for this.


Because when he was still alive and we were together from the beginning, (1975), he ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, made sure the two of us had plenty to eat even though he was already retired from the Military when we met, and I was still working, packing papayas.

After my Tony passed, I began giving food to my Church Food Pantry because I wanted to make sure others who were hungry had food too. This went on for awhile and then I stopped giving because our Pantry shut down and another Catholic Church kind of took over everything which left ours kind of high and dry. I was angry and hurt at that time.

Then last year came. 2017. The year that would be my late husband’s 100th Birthday. I wanted to do something extra special to honor him. The Church Food Pantry had re-opened for us and so I decided to do something. I felt it was something only I was meant to do. It was nearing Thanksgiving and our Church Bulletin had put out its “WISH LIST” for the Hungry for Thanksgiving. I gave everything I could that was on that special “WISH LIST” including 3 huge Turkeys.

No, My Dear Ones, who are reading this. I am not, I repeat, I am NOT, bragging even though it may sound as though I am. I am telling all of you this because it was something that I WANTED and NEEDED TO DO for others. And what’s more, I felt GOOD because I had done it for GOD and to honor my late husband.

And this year?

Well, that is what my phone call I made was all about. I called my Church to see what I could do again this year for those in need of food for the Holiday. The thing is the WISH LIST for Thanksgiving has not come out in the bulletin yet and I was hoping my friend in the front office could help me find out what was happening. She does not know what is going on yet but she says when she knows, I will be the first person she calls because she KNOWS that I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS. I REALLY DO CARE AND WANT TO HELP.

I am doing what God is asking me to do. I have given at other times too, but Thanksgiving Time is now my main one where I can give when others can not. And I am looking forward to it this year. And I know it will mean a lot.

So, just where does THE UP-GRADE come in?

While my friend and I were talking on the phone, food is what we spoke of mostly and I told her of things I made. Chili’s, Appetizers, Dips, Special Desserts, and all like that and that I call myself a Sous Chef. I do not really, truly, have the title. I am what I call a Self-Proclaimed one. And a Holiday one at that. But my friend said: No. No, she told me.

No, she said.

You aren’t a Sous Chef.

You are a Chef.

So now it stands. My friend has UP-GRADED my Self-Proclaimed title.

By her word: I am NOW a Self-Proclaimed (my words): CHEF.

Thank you to my friend, Robyn, for this UP-GRADE!!!

And THANK YOU too, all MY DEAR ONES reading this, who believe in me.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY TONY !!! THANK YOU TOO !!! (Age: 101 years old today !!! I wish you were still here to celebrate. I love you!!!). And I miss you with all my heart!!!

Your Friend,
Mary Ann-san

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