WINTER RETURNS !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


HOW IS EVERYONE? On your best behavior I hope and doing well. I am trying my best too. By eating good. Did you all just notice that I said I was trying to eat good and that I didn’t say well? There IS a difference you know. And besides, I have no idea what eating well and eating good have to do with today’s Blog. But I thought I would mention it because it belongs with things such as being on one’s best behavior and doing one’s best.

And being that it is SPRING, well, isn’t that the best time to do and to be your very best?


Did you all hear me mention something about it being SPRING a moment ago? Well, I am taking it back right now. I have no choice. I have to take back THE KILLER SUMMER too I guess that I mentioned as well because there is none of that here either. The Season of Winter snuck back here into The Islands with a vengeance at least of some kind this past week because all we here in Hilo have seen is RAIN and nothing more. No warm beautiful Hawaiian Sun, nothing. Just a bunch of horrid wet stuff along with thunder and lightning that we could just as well do without. I mean, is this the way that a Hilo SPRING is supposed to behave???!! Heck no man! Not on your very life! However, it IS behaving in just that way. Our cold Winter Season has returned unfortunately with no sign of letting up soon. But if the “soon” does show up, how about putting a date on it, like say: 20 Aprile? I could last through a “WET” Holy Week. Except I would ask pity for all those who have to go out to the bank or shopping at the last minute during that week for Easter Goodies, to let not those and other people get wet. How about just asking for everybody to stay dry? Even we in Hilo would like that.

So now, about all those lucky people on the Mainland part of The United States that I mentioned last time, you must be having one beautiful Spring cause surely we have yet to see ours, great as it should have been. Oh gosh. To think of all those beautiful Spring flowers, and the LIGHT Spring Rains, not Reigns like in Roman Reigns in the WWE as in Wrestling, mind you, but the wet rain that is gentle thank you, and feels good. At this rate I am beginning to wonder if Hilo rates a Spring this year. The Mainland sure does after, how long of a Winter was that again? My friends in KS said their Winter was five months long. Since ours in Hilo, came back, are we trying for longer? I am beginning to wonder and question that about now.

And since at this point, I am in the questioning mood, how about this? I have heard that Alaska’s days and nights are six months long. Six months of night and six months of day? I say if that be true, what have you to say to a climate change HERE of like every other year each season has a six month length. Like year one: six months of Spring and six months of Summer. The second year: six months of Autumn and then six months of Winter. That is one way of every season getting its share, yes?

So. How about agreeing to this?

It is better than trying to figure out if we are actually going to get the proper Season or not. No guess work involved at all. Everything is cut and dried. Simple. Simple. Unless…… want to take it a step further.

And go to a place where each person has there own personal season. And favorite things to do.

Like for me it would be: CATS AND AUTUMN. Forever. And READING AND WRITING. Forever.

I WONDER…..if it is like that in Heaven? If it is, that is the section I would like to remain in.


It has been so long since I have had any, the wine has to be part of my Cats and Autumn Forever Reading and Writing Season Package. And one more liquid. Or two?



Now my Season is purr-fect. And I would then be BORN in the Autumn too.

And now that you know this, how about telling me about YOUR perfect Season and Pet?

Aloha Everyone!
From Your Dear Friend,
Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。