“WOOF ! WOOF ! “WOOF ? 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Greetings My Sweet Ones! How I love you all! Are you roasting yet? Today it is just about 90 degrees here in Hilo or at the very least close to it so I worry that it will be too hot for me. And Paws. I always worry about Paws. I have both fans on tonight. I only wish I could have the front DOOR open. That would be nice. Really nice. But that is impossible right now. To open my front door and have it remain open for awhile, I would have to put my night-dress back on. And I am comfy the way I am thank you. I will just have to wait. So………….sorry!

But now, never mind me and how I am practically roasting to death as I write this.

Lets get to The Blog.

One Hundred and Fourteen it is!

Greetings From Hilo: BLOG; # 114: “WOOF ! WOOF !

Unless you have a pet, writing a blog about a pet is hard. It is even harder if you are a cat person like myself and find yourself suddenly writing your weekly blog about a cat’s enemy: a dog. My friend Charlotte could sit here and write my blog for me for this week in a snap. She is a dog person, that’s why. For her, all things are DOG.

For me, all things are CAT.

And THATS why it’s HARD.

Or is it? I have written one before.

My Number 10 Blog was about A Dog. About the time I had a DACHSHUND. Although not for very long. But I am sure we will get through this blog just fine.

I am also sure that very non-English speaking person will relate to this Blog. Especially if they have a pet. I am writing about this particular thing just because I happen to be reading a romance novel about a military man turned civilian and who was given a dog by his friend but the animal was very hard to train because it did not understand our American English. Only the man who had the dog did not know this. This book is good and I will keep reading but during the evening, things clicked with me and I happened to remember a conversation I had a long time ago with my beloved husband Tony when he was still alive and we were living here and we still had a television set and we were watching the television news broadcast which at the time had to do with an American citizen who was in Germany and who was bitten by a German dog.

This brought up this question at that time to my husband.

All animals understand English don’t they? To myself I said, of course they do. Sure they do. Which is why when the man told the dog to stop, I did not understand why the animal did not obey.

All animals understand English don’t they?

Sure they do. Of course they do.

Guess what? No they DON’T.

As my (now late) husband tried to explain it to me while the newscast at that time was happening I sat there trying to comprehend it all. It made no sense. Not to me. I always thought all animals understood English. It almost went without saying. Of course they did.

Finally, at last I said to him, are you trying to say that if say an Italian or in this case German, animal saw me and I wanted to pet him and he didn’t like the idea and he was looking to attack me and I did not know the word for STOP or NO or for not to attack, in the language it knows, he is just gonna keep coming and not obey me because he did not know my English?

When he said yes, I said: Come On! And then I suddenly found the whole thing to be funny and couldn’t stop laughing.

It is something I will always remember though.

Even Charlotte told me her German Shepherd is like that. When she does not respond to an American command, Charlotte has to switch to German. I never knew that about Charlotte. Or about her Dog.

Charlotte has three dogs. A Dachshund. A Chihuahua. And a German Shepherd. Their names are Indy, Ginger-lee, and Joy-Joy.

As for me, it is a good thing I know the Japanese word for NO. And the one that means: HURT just in case I do have a doggie run-in some day. Or even a Kitty one.

Yes, I can speak a little. I just wish I knew more and could speak it better.

Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。